HETA is the currency used in the game HetaOni. The game begins with 0 HETA and HETA could only be gained by defeating Steve in boss battles.

It could be used to buy the following items in the game:

Onigiri - Restores 500 HP of one characters. Costs 30 HETA.

Beer - Restores 500 MP of one characters. Costs 35 HETA.

Hot Pepper - Restores the ability to battle. Make it hotteeeeeer!! Costs 150 HETA.

Antidote - Cures poison. Costs 30 HETA.

Elixir - Do you think you could trade it with someone? (Used for unlocking the bonus room ) Costs 10 HETA.

At the start of the game, the user could only purchase onigiri and beer. The elixir could only be purchased in the toilet in Germany's room.