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    May 2, 2013 by ScytheofDarkness

    Sadly, I haven't been on lately, but.... I'm trying to be on more starting now. But, I have things to say, and they're important:

    First of all, I would like to bring to people's attention about Making Pages That Have The Same General Info As Another. I had to delete two already that had the same general info as About HetaOni. So, please make sure you check other pages to make sure it doesn't do so. Thank you.

    Secondly, When making a page Make Sure You Know Enough Info On It. As long as you can add 2 Paragraphs on a page, i'll be happy. I'm not expecting you to be a wiz on a certain topic, I'm just wanting you to have some knowledge before you do something.

    So now I'm done with my new expectations and you can go on with your daily life.


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  • ScytheofDarkness

    Okay guys, i've done a few new edits and i'm going to do some in the future. If you think there is anyway to make the wiki better, please tell me! I would greatly appreciate any help.

    So my new edits are:

    Edited "Wiki Content" Bar to "HetaOni Content"

    Edited "Wiki Content" Bar and added "Characters" and "Page Selection"

    Edited slider on Home Page

    Adding at least one picture to every article

    My to-do edits:

    Add a Characters page

    Add a new background.

    Edit User Talk to messaging

    Add new pages

    Add HetaOni Play Through page

    Thank you for reading!

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  • ScytheofDarkness

    Danke all contributer unknown and known! I haven't had much time and lately i've sadly forgot about my wiki, so I thank everyone who has edited or added pages and other stuff to this wiki. When I get time or I remember to, I will add and edit pages so that everyone can enjoy stuff!

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